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The Testing Process

By quality testing, PNM Analytical delivers accurate nutritional information for all livestock feed (pasture, hay, silage, straw, commercial mixes), for feed ingredients, and even dog and cat food.

PNM Analytical handles the whole test procedure: from sampling, to interpreting the results.

We also test the quality of agricultural water (stock water, irrigation water etc), soil, fertiliser, compost and manure.

Other tests are available: please contact us by phone or email if you have a request for analysis based on a protocol not listed here.

For feed testing, PNM Analytical avoids using NIR instrumentation: quality assurance is better provided by established bench laboratory techniques. These are more reliable, accurate and precise. Though instrumental analysis is faster, bench lab techniques are more thorough, and suited to characterisaton of stock feeds.

If you have a sample or samples you’d like tested, just download the Sampling Request form and fill it in, then email, mail or fax it to PNM Analytical.

You’ll be contacted to organise a time and place for sampling to occur.
After an analyst has taken appropriate samples of the feed or feeds, they’ll be brought back to the lab and analysed.

Analysis will take between eight and ten days. Then we provide a personal explanation of the results, along with a clear and easy to follow report with interpretation of the data; you’ll receive both email and hardcopy versions.

The reliability of our results is very high. As a small business dealing with other small businesses like local graziers and growers, we appreciate that quality of analysis is more important than quantity.

By building on already well-established analytical lab techniques and procedures to suit each client and each sample, our business manages to obtain highly accurate and informative analyses for each new sample we test.

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